Developer continues lot cleanup on old paint plant site



Terrasan has passed there July 15, 2011 deadline to cleanup the land at 6 Lloyd Avenue so I would suggest residents to call into the city asking them when the land will be totally cleaned up and also to get the Mulock street and surrounding streets clenaed by the city with their street sweepers.

I mentioned this because it has been like this for a very long time and they promised at the residents meeting to have it all cleaned up by July 15, 2011. They are also making excuses to remove some and not all of the concrete there etc.. This is why I brought it up in the blog.

Thank You.

Actually, yes. They are operating it illegally as a waste transfer site. In addition, it is a blight on the neighbourhood that many, many residents (as indicated by a recent public meeting) are unhappy with. The city has ordered them to clean it up, and they should do so.

Again Raymond, as someone who doesn't live on Mulock perhaps you should think twice about your posts. I don't mean to sound harsh but it is so frustrating to read such glib comments as yours. Is it really that big a problem? Yes. This site has been a mess for many years, causing dust and debris to fall anywhere and everywhere along our street. People are leaving garbage in the lot, including old couches and toilets and trash. Terrasan has not kept it tidy – we have called them many times after wind storms have knocked down their crappy surrounding walls and they don't come for weeks, which then becomes a hazard as there are really young kids on this street that think it would be great going in and walking among the twisted metal and broken concrete. Illicit conduct happens there after hours. And above all, it is really really ugly. So yes, it is a problem. They are no where near completion. To be honest, all it looks to me is Terrasan shifting things around rather than cleaning up. Bottom line is that this company made a commitment and as residents we should expect them to fulfill it.

The concrete has been pushed back away from the homes near the railroad tracks and the boarded up wooded fence has been painted over. This probably means that Terrasan will be putting up there new revised condo application up soon, which is some good news.

The Good News is that Terrasan received their Notice from the Environment People to cleanup the entire 6 Lloyd Avenue Land. Lets hope they clean it up soon, if not then the city will clean it up and charge the cost of the cleanup to the owner of the lands property tax.

Just found out that the Land at 6 Lloyd Avenue is owned by a Number Company which means that Terrasan only takes care of the land and remediated it but does not own it.
Some other company is funding the site. Terrasan went bankrupt with three of there company's but have others that still exist. The city and environment folks are going after the Number Company to fully cleanup the land or come in themselves and clean it up and charge the bill to the Numbered Company's property tax bill. You should contact the Councillor Nunziata office for more details on the site update. Hope fully this is soon.

The city has pressed charges against Terrasan and will cleanup 6 Lloyd within the next couple of months since they have summond them to court. The city will cleanup the entire land and charge the the cost of the cleanup to the property tax bill for the land owners of 6 Lloyd Avenue.

There is some good news that the city of Toronto is reviewing the Zoning of Employment and Avenues lands etc.. which is mandated every 5 years. I would encourage that residents voice there opinions with your local councillors (Councillor Nunciata) office so your opinions are heard on what you would like developed in your area.

6 Lloyd Avenue and the whole South East corner of St.Clair and Keele is one of the areas that is being looked at to be rezoned. This will be good for the area and encourage positive development and growth.

September 14, 2011 – Etobicoke Open House Summary
(Project Manager Paul Bain contact is mentioned within the document as well).

It seems that 6 Lloyd Avenue (Old Bengimin Moore) land development is back with modification to the original plan. This development will not only be a nice addition to the neighbourhood but will also increase the propery value on Mulock Avenue and the surrounding areas. Hopefully they buy the whole corner lot upto St.Clair and Keele and get rid of the carwash as well. This would make the area much cleaner and attractive with the new mall complex being built and it also seems that the Home Depot superstore is coming as well or being modified at it's current location. All residents in the area should support this development since the current site has been in it current state for close to 8-10 years now.

Note: Canada Bread will be gone by the second week of January 2012 so they should not cause any issues for this to be approved. This also conforms with the St.Clair Avenue Study that was approved as well according to what the city envisions the area to look like.

Notes from the Presentation and TermSheet Provided in the link for 6 Lloyd Avenue.

Page 16 Presentation

"With new residential development south of 6 Lloyd Avenue and existing residential
adjacent to it, it is my view and that of area residents, that 6 Lloyd Avenue
should be redeveloped for residential uses."

Councillor Frances Nunziata
December 12th, 2011

The new plan calls for low rise townhouses and mid-rise condominiums instead

Development Plan

Application locally for Official Plan Amendment and Re-zoning ( not going back to the OMB) for new residential density concept.

It seems that the Junction Rel- estate Market will be increasing in value in the near future and new development like 6 Lloyd Avenue, StockYard Mall Complex and Canada Bread moving out will help the this even more.

You’ll also see a demand really increase in the older neighbourhoods … such as East Toronto, the Junction, areas that are more affordable but still close enough to getting to the downtown centre.

Good News, Fortress Real Capital has just placed up signage on the 6 Lloyd Avenue 'Terrasan' land yesterday regarding their development for the property.

UpdatesJan 2012: Final stage of remediation begins.
Feb 2012: Closing first round of investor monies.
March 2012: Closing of second round pending completion of "Record Of Site Condition".

Terrasan has started cleaning up the site again, removing the wood, containers and garbage that was left on the site for a long period of time, Some good news that there cleaning up again. Lets Hope they get rid of the concrete now, either remove it or use it as part of there new development which ever one it is, lets hope it does not take long.

The Remediation testing and paper work has passed which makes the site completely remediated and the second round is now completed and closed for 6 Lloyd Avenue. Now the Development phase begins eg. permits etc…

Under the Past Offerings Tab

Rnd 2
Previous Offerings: These projects have completed raising monies for the offerings made available. They are now in the process of active development and are moving forward

Latest Updates for 6 Lloyd Avenue just posted on Fortressrealcapital website for the Terrasan lands.

UpdatesJan 2012: Final stage of remediation begins.
Feb 2012: Closing first round of investor monies.
March 2012: Closing of second round pending completion of "Record Of Site Condition".
Apr 2012: Senior geoscientist confirms the site currently satisfies the MOE soil and groundwater standards.

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