Fresh cut

Trees and chops

All on Pacific Ave just south of Dundas St W. on the No Frills lot.

Nice urban visual view.



It is a crop. Trees are grown to be used like any other crop only you just don'r eat this one! It provides jobs in Ontario. Better than buying some artificial crap made in China.

Rodger I'm surprised you're not venting about that hot dog cart… Not good for the affluent people you're trying to attract!

Artificial ones last for years. How much fossil fuel is used to cut and transport your tree and then to pick it up in the garbage truck every year for 20 years which is the life span of an artificial one. Water is wasted in watering them… more pesticides are put into the soil. A lot of real trees end up in landfills or just ditched or dumped and left for somebody else to clean up. Real trees dry out and are often the causes of holiday fires. Lastly, how many animals took up residence in the tree you bought while it was still growing and then were displaced when it was cut down?

I think in your hearts you all know its bad but its easy to justify it by saying "artificial is bad too!"

20 years as a plastic tree and an eternity in a landfill where all the little displaced animals can find a new home in your petroleum based happiness, drinking runoff water contaminated by degrading plastic residue, leaching into the soil to ensure future plants cannot grow.

Please tell us that you not so stupid to believe your own answer. Plastic as always a bad alternative to natural.

I'm not even championing plastic trees. They are both bad! What other crops do we grow just to throw away? I'm just saying don't feel like you're doing the environment a favor by buying fresh cut. And as for the "it creates jobs" well so does prostitution and drug dealing but we don't want them now do we.

Also it's ironic that the people who love to complain about the polluting "job creating" diesel trains and rubber factory have no problem ripping a tree out of the ground, setting it up for 2 weeks and then curbing it. I guess shopping at Sweet Potato absolves all environmental sins.
And for the record in my house we don't use a tree, plastic or real.

Mary Wilmot said" And for the record in my house we don’t use a tree, plastic or real."
That is your personal choice. Do as you please. Don't try to convince others they are doing bad because they buy a traditional Christmas tree. As for the fossil fuel used to transport a tree and to dispose of it, compare this to an artificial tree likely made in China or some other Far East country and shipped 8,000 miles across the ocean unloaded in Vancouver and loaded onto a freight train that travels 3,000 across Canada to reach Toronto stores. Real trees are grown in the GTA at places like Pontypool (near Peterborough) specifically for sale as decorative trees. Local jobs for the local economy carrying on a long Canadian tradition.

So what about the "job creating" diesel trains? Electric trains will create more jobs. Clean industries will also create jobs, and the rubber factory doesn't seem to be doing that well with little investment in pollution control. Natural trees are a renewable resource that's also biodegradable. It's hardly environmental hypocrisy.

Mary your life makes me and every one unfortunate enough to have you in their life sad. Spicy enough a comment for you.

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