Junction Rd / Weston Rd shutdown to last for months more.

The west Toronto Diamond separation projection will keep the Junction Rd / Weston Rd roadway shutdown to last for months more.

This section of the airport rail link involves the construction of a major underpass where one railroad track will pass over another.

Historically the trains traveled over trackage that crossed each other at a level crossing, requiring one train to stop while another passed.

All this construction will remove this rail travel limitation.

The congestion this construction causes it appears to be a major headache for the local police who have to come down to southern part of their division by Keele St only.

The reopening of the Junction Rd / Weston Rd way will allow the police a much quicker travel way into the south end of their division.

So what’s the work at the Junction Rd / Weston Rd diamond separate now.

Here are a number of photographs of the site currently. The large round objects are the concrete filled steel tubes that will
form the barrier wall as the dig out the ground to form the underpass.

The following images are of sound deadening shrouds used during the driving in of the steel piles.

The blog intends to put a page of all the image being sent in once the uploading issue presently troubling the blog is fixed.


Placed the info in the wrong section, placing it again under the correct heading.

The crossing is not planned to reopen before 2014.


Update on Rail Crossing at Junction and Old Weston Roads
When will the road reopen?
-The rail crossing will not reopen as scheduled on April 30. We apologize for this continued inconvenience.
-The crossing is not planned to reopen before 2014.
– We will reopen the road sooner, if at all possible.

Metrolinx's inability to reopen this road on schedule, which they've demonstrated several times now, is frustrating. Our community has lost a valuable road connection that relieves traffic and is a safer alternative for cyclists than the underpasses on Keele and St. Clair. Yet in the end, there's still going to be a busy railway crossing here as the Canadian Pacific tracks are going to continue to cross level with the road. Please get it together, Metrolinx. This closure substantially compromises our ability to get around our neighbourhood efficiently and safely.

I agree with you A.R – it has been a traffic nightmare in our area ever since this construction began and the constant reopening postponements have really disappointed the whole neighborhood not to mention that recently the house shakes have becoming much more noticeable – how convinced are we that this retelling is not damaging any of our hose structures ?

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