The 1B permit parking permit

Had a good experience  successful getting 30 day permit parking sticker just now.

With construction taking place in the lane used to access the yard parking normally used a trip to the parking permit office was required.

What was so interesting was the instructions of how to use and where I could park lesson was.

In addition they have a great …old? Air tube transfer system manufactured by Lamson that transfers cash payments down to the cashier office and your change back up.

Alert: bring a credit card and or debt card, if you pay by cash you will have wait for return of the air wooshed change, which can take some time 20 mins so far.

Although the Parking permit office is entertaining, as there is no why to avoid all the “why this ..whats that parking permit conversations.

Two of the small tubes used for the transfer of cash between floors.

Air system manufacture link
Location:The West Mall,Toronto,Canada

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