Unusual trains at Lambton CPR yard today

Aluminum bodied train cars with viewing decks in the yard.

Location:Runnymede Rd,Toronto,Canada


These VIA stainless steel cars used on the Cross-Canada Canadian are returning from US where they were for major upgrading. BTW It's Lambton.

Thanks for the information about the cars. The yard is now known as Lambton, but I like the historical division of yards between West Toronto and Lambton, with Runnymede Road being the dividing line. It would be unfortunate to have the "West Toronto Yard" name fade away given its importance in the history of The Junction. It's easy to forget about its legacy now that all of West Toronto Yard's shops and roundhouse have been destroyed, with a lot of that destruction happening in the late 1990s; however, it was an important part of CP's rail car and locomotive maintenance program in central Canada in the first half of the 20th century in central Canada and one of The Junction's largest employers at the time.

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