Simple thought on why the community needs the old 11 division lot

Has anyone else noticed, the amount of community happenings at the 3030 restaurant on Dundas St.W. at High Park Ave. what 2 in past week?

Which is great, but it tweaked the blog again on how much this area needs the old police lot in the Junction as a community place.

Conversion of the current building or demo and build of a new building – which is probably the least costly choice.

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You know what the area really, really needs? – more elementary school space. All of the schools in the area are at capacity or over-capacity and most of them require serious capital investment. I wonder why the school board didn't think of doing a land+cash swap when the TPS wanted the Davenport school site. Increased school capacity during the day, and additional community space outside school hours – a win-win scenario all around?

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