Dollar store crush – updated Nov 19 at 9:59pm

Efads on Keele St. Just below St Clair Ave. West. Is closing. Many may have noticed during the last few months a much lower volume if goods in the store.

Cannot figure why a dollar store is closing.


Update: as to ink provided by blog reader Rhain click image to read full story. click image to read full story.


Location:Keele St,Toronto,Canada


They are closing because Dollarama is opening on every corner.

Soon there will be a Dollarama at Keele & Dundas, Keele & St. Clair, and St. Clair & Runnymede.

EFADS is dying.

There's also the issue of what will happen to this strip mall with the the impact that will be made by the The Stockyards complex across the street at 30 Weston Rd.

Marks (a.k.a. Mark's Work Wearhouse) is listed as a future tenant there in 2013 and their south of St. Clair space will be a pretty large one to leave behind .

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