John Tory’s Cities of Opportunity method to win the New Amazon Headquarters, could just make us lose.

John Tory’s Cities of Opportunity method to win the New Amazon Headquarters, could just make us lose.


Our cities mayor has chosen to bid in unison with Mississauga, Durham, And Brampton, to win the bid to have Amazon site it’s new 2nd unit headquarters within the geography of the combined municipal areas. Ugh!

You can image the team at Amazon, reeling from the thought of having to deal with 4 or more separate municipal governments for years. No way they will even consider that. If you think they will, just watch the Cupertino City Council Meeting where Mr Steve Jobs presented the new Apple Headquarters (link). The municipal development lesson Mr Jobs had to deliver to just one municipal council foretells the failure of Mr Totpry’s plan.

Add in the partisan Toronto Council, and their lack of any grasp large scale urban economic development in the past two terms. If I were to ask you what your opinion of our councils ability to develop, plan and successfully implement a major city bettering, job creating, scheme. Would you have a feeling of no hope?

Amazon does have a short list of possible choice cites already, there is no way they do not. This opinion is based on how large companies plan operationally. Like this weeks Economist magazine, Amazon May simply be using the competition to gain concessions from the cities it already has it’s eyes on.

If Amazon can get over it’s probable fear of leaving the USA for Head Shop #2, Canada and Toronto are a great choice although a Euro #2 Headquarters has it’s benefits politically.

PWC the consultancy who came up with the Cities of Opportunity idea, has stated its models show London, Singapore, Toronto and Paris broad urban qualities that make 30 global business, finance and culture capitals successful.

So Toronto has a running, a chance where as a community we will have to run, if we are to win.

Maybe a few weekend shifts for staff, our council and the public?


Sunday – As crazy as the blog is going to called the Junctions have prime land locations for Amazon Headquarters.

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