It’s surprising about Dencan Books

Its surprisng the articles about Decans Books closing have centered around the books, and little about the delighfull den of wonder it has provided for children.

Dencan Books has otfered a great retreat for kids in the Junction for decades, Eddie Roberts for the past two decades has been delighting and nuturing for kids with great book choices. About 4 years ago I when in with my boys, their 1st time and they had a great time.
Stuffed with more books and less comics than the store had when it was on the north side of Dundas St. west, in the 70’s, this store will be missed the Junction will lose a great resource.
What I always found funny in a wonderful way was how the current owners hair resembled the booksellers owner in the 70’s only without the curls. Yep I spent alot of time in Dencans as a kid.

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