JRA Garbage Audit 2001 by the Junction Residents Assoc.

The Junction Residents Assoc. which over the past three decades has started up, with initiatives by different community people, shut down and begun again with new people at least 3 times in the very early 2000’s the group was quite interest in the simple One day needs of the community.
Below is the text of their report of the survey they performed from June 2000. This text is the letter they sent to the local business improvement Association known as the Junction Garden BIA
All text below the JRA enity early 2000’s.
Receptacle Audit reissued….
On March 11, 2000 Junction area residents performed a garbage and litter count along Dundas street from Clendennan to Indian Crescent both north and south sides. Concerned with their findings, as outlined in their report, the residents performed a garbage receptacle audit, to find out how many there were and where they were placed.
Below is a summary of their findings and recommendations from June 19, 2000.
A total of only 13 garbage receptacles were counted. Of which 6 are in a good location, 9 need repositioning for better visibility. We feel that locating them nearer corners for visibility and traffic will help with some of the litter problems. Our recommended locations take into consideration visibility and pedestrian traffic, as well as the type of businesses in the area where litter may be more prevalent. We also considered distance between receptacles so they are spaced out more evenly and consistently. Our recommended locations (24) only 10 more receptacles than are currently available.
Existing Receptacles – Recommended Location(s)
B. Mo. bus stop – move east of shelter
0 – bus stop S.W. corner on Keele
Sub Shop W. of corner – move N of corner
2887 – OK
0 – 2897
2907 – OK
0 – 2918
2927 – move closer to corner
0 – TD Bank corner
0 – 2940
Hakim Optical – OK
0 – 384 Pacific
0 – NoFrills Southern end on Pacific
2981 – move east closer to corner

 0 – 2988
0 – 3013
3029 – OK
0 – 3032
3035 – move closer to corner
3050 – OK
0 – 3072
3081 – OK
3116 – move to 3115
0 – 19 St Johns Rd. in the Park

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