Stark Telephone, Light and Power System

The Stark Telephone, Light and Power System, which operates in Toronto Junction, Ont., and vicinity, has decided to declare a dividend of 31% for the current half-year, payable in July
May 1905
The company also operated the power plant in Oshawa, Ontario (1892). This occurred after a the original Oshawa was  destroyed in a fire and  rebuilt, and then sold to the Stark Electric Co. out of Toronto.
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The same remedy we think should apply to the Telephone service, only instead of Municipal ownership telephones should be under Government ownership, the same as the postal ownership, but providing we cannot obtain this we strongly recommend that the Telephone service should be left open to competition. This question was also very fully discussed and the attention of the representatives of the various Municipalities was called to the new invention of the Stark Telephone, Light and Power Co. , whereby the three services were combined and which will soon be in operation in Toronto Junction, when its practical use can be demonstrated. The report of the Committee was adopted.


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