Commissioners St has a large section closed for construction of the

A series of Early December 2019 photos of the closing of commissioners Street.



As the massive Portlands industrial area is being redeveloped to parks and flood reductions uses Commissioners St, with be utterly changed with one element being a bridge crossing the street where a water pathway will cross the street.

During the summer of 2019, large industrial sites were demolished, and currently the recently emptied Copper Metals building is to be removed.


city text below,


Toronto has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform an underused resource in the heart of downtown. The Port Lands will be home to sustainable new communities that deliver affordable housing and job opportunities, along with renewed connections to the water and natural environment.

The Port Lands is an area that extends southeast of Toronto’s downtown core into Lake Ontario and includes over 715 acres of land along the waterfront. Some familiar landmarks include: Cherry Beach, Tommy Thompson Park—one of the best bird watching spots in the city—and of course the Hearn Generating Station, an iconic, decommissioned electrical plant.

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