Fruit carton design patented by Junction company in 1959


The embodiments of the invention in which
an exclusive property or privilege is els ired are defined as follows :
1. A fibre board carton having side. end,
bottom and top walls adapted to define an elongated
interior space, said carton being adapted for filling
through at least one wall other than said top ball,
a series of flaps out in said top wall and adapted to
hinge therefrom to extend into said interior space,

3.. A carton as claimed in Claim 1 or Claim 2 having I pluxa11ty or elongated interior spaces.
4. A carton as claimed in Claim 1 or Claim 2 or 01a11 3 in which said flaps engage with :aid bottom wall of said carton.

the hinge axes or and Napa being
parallel to each other, said flaps extending substantially across said top wall and being adapted to depend into the elongated Lnterior space to divide it into a series or compartments, said compartments each having a greater cross sectional area than the area of its respective flaps whereby an article in said compartment can be
retained in a compartment by reason oF its size end retention by and top wall.

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