2299 Dundas St. W., The new homeless shelter and Gords Perks ignorance of what it is.

I really have sad heart when council member Gord Perks needs to called out for making nonsensical and statements that have no part of reality, in connection with a new homeless shelter in the ward.
to do this fast, here a quick breakdown of part if his text, with reality injected,
1st male, youth and female and family shelters are complelty different areas, my comments relatevto male adult shelters where more people feel I am an expert.
My comments follow in italics his statements,

In the coming months, coming mths, the city is histoically late for homeless infaststructure, this project will run late and open late.
those renovations
will add smaller more private rooms, smaller rooms should be two people and no more, look at the Good Sherpards design on the 3rd floor, for design many homeless like,

pet-friendly spaces, for the adult male population, not nesscessary

technological supports, ONLY if computer tech is as good as the citys employment office computers. for the over 50 expant use and create more of such places as The Haven on Jarvis St, oh and fire whoever changed the name from The Good Neigbours Club, that was an slap to the community.
recreational spaces, Must be ooen during the day and evening, they areca place of respite.

space for healthcare, heathcare in the west end for Marginalized men is well done at St Joe’s, oh forgot homesless men are Marginalized men 1st who only become homeless, and getting a room or apartment rarely fixes this.
and case management, First the the city has to allow its staff to program a person assit program and implement it, oh its not case managment, it’s one person and another one person, and another one person, get it, sorry for being a but ditect there.
a more attractive architectural design and more, throw attractive out the window, that iis great when there is funds and no emergency. Having contributed to the design and built a few major cultural buildings in the GTA infnd in had to throw out aesthetics, but what is needed is situational needs design.
Full text of Mr Perks below

RE: New Men’s Shelter
2299 Dundas St. West, at Bloor St. West
More than 8,000 people experience homelessness on any given night in the city. City Council has responded by directing staff to search for properties to expand the shelter system in response to this urgent situation. Since last year, City staff have been working hard to add 1000 new shelter beds by the end of 2020 in neighbourhoods across Toronto as well as to find locations to accommodate the planned revitalization of homeless services on George Street. New programs have already opened in the downtown as well as in North Etobicoke, the Annex, Leslieville and Scarborough.
Many factors are considered by City staff when siting a new location for a municipal shelter, including size, building condition and configuration, zoning requirements that permit municipal shelter use and proximity to services such as public transit.
As you may have heard, the City of Toronto has entered into an agreement to purchase the property at . West and after conducting careful due diligence, the sale of the building will close on March 13th 2019.
Because of the urgent need for services, extensive renovations will begin very quickly after taking possession so that the new program can open in the Spring of 2020. In the coming months, those renovations will add smaller more private rooms, pet-friendly spaces, technological supports, recreational spaces, space for healthcare and case management, a more attractive architectural design and more.
In addition, a new shelter service model will be implemented at 2299 Dundas St. West with a focus on providing the residents with a pathway to permanent housing. Working with dedicated housing case workers on service plans that focus on health, recreation and employment, people will have the tools necessary to find housing.
Working with my office, a comprehensive community engagement process will unfold in the coming months with City staff providing information and seeking feedback through various communication channels. Stay tuned for more details. To sign-up for ongoing updates, please contact my office directly at 416-392-7919, councillor_perks@toronto.ca .

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