Toronto based software platform built for early childhood education teachers

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HiMama is a software platform built for early childhood education teachers working in pre-school and day care programs. It offers a way for the programs and parents to connect by recording and sharing the children’s activities and progress. Platform features include attendance management, daily reports on meals, naps, and activities, long term developmental observations, program planning for teachers and payment processing
“Every day, parents drop their children off at preschool or child care and then have one overarching thought on their mind: ‘how is my child doing today?’,” said co-founder and CEO, Ron Spreeuwenberg. “Early childhood education is so vitally important, but until now, has been underserved by the tech community.” 
Also founded by Alana Frome, HiMama was originally designed as a ‘Slack-style’ communications platform for child care programs and parents. It provided a way to share real-time updates, including photos, videos, and SMS messages through its app. Spreeuwenberg said as the company grew and learned more about the child care sector over the years, it realized there was an increasing opportunity in the market to address other 

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