About Sixty Duplicates In Street Names in City Since West Toronto Was Annexed and aldermen Deal With Matter.

About Sixty Duplicates In Street Names in City Since West Toronto Was Annexed and aldermen Deal With Matter.
With the annexation of West Toronto came the necessity to change the names of about sixty streets, in order to avoid duplicates, and the sub-committee of the Civic Works Committee on Street Naming undertook yesterday to make the necessary changes, the great majority of them being in the street names in Seventh Ward. The sub-committee was assisted by former Mayor W. A. Baird and ex-Ald. Ryding of the recently annexed district.
It was agreed that the Seventh Ward should keep the name of Mulock street, the name being historic in that locality, and Mulock street in older Toronto should be changed to Monteith. Whitney avenue In the former city of West Toronto changed to Mulock avenue, as it practically continuation of Mullock avenue; and as there is a Whitney street in the older section of Toronto. Pacific avenue was changed to Hanna avenue, in honor of the Provincial Secretary. Clara street, in older Toronto, was changed to Dundee. and Clara street in the late city of West Toronto remains. High Park avenue, in older Toronto, was changed Ritchie, and Humberside avenue to Alpine.
Albert street to Wakefield, Albany avenue to Ryding, Argyle road to Dod’s avenue, Beatrice street to Conrad, Churchill avenue to Perth, Charlton place to Conrad street, Cawthra to Gurney, Edmund and Queen streets to Osler street, Edith crescent to Gormley avenue, Elizabeth street to Runnymede road, Edwin street to Cobalt avenue, Essex avenue to Locke street, Franklin avenue to Godike avenue, Frederick street and Lansdowne avenue to Gilmour, Grove avenue to Lloyd, Hoskin avenue to Quebec, Herbert avenue to Coe street, John street to Windeat avenue, King street to Ford, Louisa street to Rountree avenue, Lakeview avenue and Lakeview crescent to Evelyn avenue, May street to Mavely, Main Street to Maher, Ontario street to Union, Pacific avenue Hanna, Peel street to Hain, pine ave nue to Home, Soho street to Chelsea avenue, Thomas street to Jennings avenue, VanHorne street to Heintzman,  Vine avenue to Overend street, Victoria street, from Dundas street north, Glendenning, Victoria street from Union street to Weston road, to Townley; Whitney avenue to Mulock, Wilson place to Union place, Welling ton avenue to Acton, Robert avenue to Keating, Spruce avenue to Whetter, two Roberts avenues to Harshaw avenue and Weatherell avenue.
The Works Committee willl consider the proposed names next Tuesday or Wednesday. when residents of the former West Toronto will be present to express their opinions of the changes.
Originally dubbed Pacific Ave. in 1887 – likely due to the Canadian Pacific Railway – the street was renamed Hanna Ave. in June 1909. According to an old bylaw from the former City of Toronto (no. 5335), residents on what was then Pacific Ave. petitioned to have the name changed to Hanna. No other details were recorded.

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