Gerhard Heintzman Pianos

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Gerhard Heintzman Pianos

Canadians have advanced in the manufacture of pianos probably more than in any other line of national industry. One has but to examine the really wonderful instruments shown by the Gerhard Heintzman Company to be confirmed in the apparently sweeping opinion. The basis of the production is absolute skill. In the early days of the firm this principle was strictly acted upon. It was not a question o f a good, serviceable piano, but of the very best that human skill and business integrity could produce. This policy has been adhered to, has been emphasized indeed, and the result has been more flattering than had been hoped for. Today no piano surpasses the Gerhard Heintzman piano. It is spoken of highly everywhere and by all classes. 
The visitors to the Fair who linger about the Music pavilion are usually lovers of music who appreciate a good thing when they hear it. The stand on which the Gerhard Heintzman pianos are exhibited is never long without a crowed of intent listeners. The beauty of the music attracts them. The pianos are skillfully handled and the rolling volume of tone, its sympathetic melody, its ringing music of birdlike sweetness captivates the passerby until he is perfectly spellbound. Some instruments are good only when they new. The Gerhard Heintzman piano endures. It is constructed with such skill and success that it has no end of tear and wear in it. 
One of its special claims on the public patronage is the service that is in it; another  is the enduring good quality of its tone. And these two features are the most important ones of a high-class piano. If you want a really high-class piano. If you want a really high-class piano. If you want high-class piano which will last for years and years in good condition get the Gerhard Heintzman piano. An exhibition of Gerhard Heintzman pianos can also be seen at the city warerooms, No. 188 Yonge street.

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