Keele St development stalled? 13 years of developer effort and community opposition.


The effort to redevelopment 200 Keele St. and the rear portion of 203 Oakmout Road has been ongoing for over a decade now. The 1st application proposed by the develop have a number of parts.


The front of the building facing Keele St. Current photo January 2021.


The view of the Lithuania park from the lot, January 2021

Overhead photo of the site.




December 16, 2008

This application proposes to demolish the existing 15, 3-bedroom rental townhouses and construct 24 new condominium townhouse units on the property at 200 Keele Street and the rear portions of 195 and 203 Oakmount Road. The Oakmount lands are proposed to be added through a future consent
application. Vehicle access to the dwellings is proposed via private lane from Keele Street.

Proposed development of a 4-storey, 52-unit residential apartment building consisting of 15 rental units, 37 condominium ownership units, amenity space, green roofs and 58 below grade parking spaces. An existing 3-storey rental apartment building containing 15 units would be demolished. See related Rental Housing Application.
To obtain consent to sever the lot into two lots.
Date Submitted:
To construct a new apartment building containing 52 units.
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