One of the Junctions most iconic buildings is 4 sale. 2928 Dundas St West.



Many people will remember the Phillips shoe store which for decades occupied the building. Those who grew up in the 60’s til 80’s may remember being sent there by their parents to get shoes.

Former retail stores  sat in the building were Tip Top Tailors in the 30’s and D’Allaird‘s in the 20’s.

Tip Top Tailors 22 Mar 1934, 17 Sep 1936, 12 Aug 1948, 10 Nov 1938, 02 Mar 1939,02 Mar 1939:

D’Allaird 13 Mar 1924, 09 Dec 1920,29 Nov 1923,13 Oct 1921* manufacturers 3000 extra blouses to help unemployment effort,

President, D’Allaird Mfg. Co., Ltd., 20 Laurier Ave. W., Montreal; President, D’Allaird Blouse Co., Ltd. Born Troy, N.Y.,






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