CaféTO Best Setups around the city, in curb dining.


Mount Pleasant DIA has constructed these amazing wooden block walls around some of the restaurants and café locations.

City of Toronto staff are deep in blocking off curb lanes and sidewalks in preparation for the return of CaféTO. Getting the curb closures up now will ensure that curb lane cafés will be in ready for the reopening of outdoor dining. Restaurants need these extra outdoor seats to start earning back revenue lost during the pandemic.

CaféTO Toronto is a program that needs to become a permanent option for retailers in Toronto. This year the city states that 1,000 restaurants will benefit this summer from the program, by allowing some restaurants and bars create physical distancing for patrons on patios during summer months, by using the sidewalk or curb roadway line in front of their location.

Restaurants and bars operators have the following options:

Expand existing frontage café in front of the business frontage on the sidewalk
Expand existing frontage café in front of an adjacent property on the sidewalk
Install a new frontage café on the sidewalk
Install a café in the curb lane
Small sidewalk frontage café


a BIA on Yonge St has had their concrete CaféTO Toronto barriers painted with wonderful colours and motifs.

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