Is Jackson Place wide enough to handle increased traffic from 2946 Dundas St. west Apartment development?



A new much needed apartment building is to be built on the corner of North east corner of Dundas St. W. And Pacific Ave. The vast majority of the developers decisions for this building are great. Yet there are a few troubling areas that will be difficult areas of contention for the community for many decades.

Given the planners and designers had a few difficult areas of design such as the access to parking inside the building and the size of the building, so it would not dominate the corner, which they accomplished wonderfully.

The rear of the building slopes down from Dundas St. W. leaving a huge well of light and air circulation access

Renters of the building will have a great view of the small church which fronts on Pacific Ave, but runs parallel will the new apartment building the the west to east direction.

The developer states in their traffic study for the project that no access from Jackson place will be allowed, however drawing within the same study indicate differently. (see orange circle (this blog) and grey travel arrows (developer) which show travel on Jackson Place.)

Below developer traffic statement.

Vehicular access to the proposed development will be provided via two accesses: a two‐way access on the south side of the existing church, and a one‐way outbound exit to the north of the church, roughly in line with the laneway on the opposite side of Pacific Avenue. No access will be permitted from the Jackson Place laneway. For trip distribution and assignment, it was assumed that all outbound passenger vehicles would only utilize the north one‐way exit. In addition, given the lack of available gaps for eastbound left turn movement at Keele Street and Vine Avenue, it is assumed that northbound site traffic will instead utilize the eastbound left turn at Keele Street and Dundas Avenue West, where a signal is present to facilitate this.


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