Gord Perks office expenses run 4th lowest in city by a big amount.


Gord Perks office 2021 expenses run 4th lowest in city using only $9,551.05 with most other councillors expenses being double his amount.

Frances Nunziata of Ward 5-York South-Weston had a low office expense amount of $10,898.77.

Ana Bailão of Ward 9-Davenport office expense spend was $25,384.07

The highest office expenses incurred were by Nick Mantus of ward 22-Scarborough-Agincourt with a spent of  $48,589.56.




Office Expense

Personal Funds

1-Etobicoke North Ford, Michael $7,751.81 $0.00
2-Etobicoke Centre Holyday, Stephen $1,312.48 $0.00
11-University-Rosedale Layton, Mike $6,582.82 $0.00
4-Parkdale-High Park Perks, Gord $9,551.05 $0.00

Full records for all Councillors can be found here.

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