OVERCROWDING TO CEASE claims on Toronto public transportation company 1910




Nov 21/1910

New Order Will Go Into Effect on Dec. 1st


Loaded Cars Will Not Stop for Passengers – Other By-laws Issued by Company.

After Dec. 1 no smoking will be allowed on the cars of the Toronto Railway Company. The new by-law, which was passed by the company on Saturday, applies alike to open and closed cars, and any violation of the order will entail a fine not exceeding $20. The law against spitting will also be strictly enforced, its infringement marrying a like penalty. Other regulations passed by the company which will come in force on the same date are as follows:

Some Other Regulations

All passengers shall enter closed motor and trailer cars by the rear door, and shall leave such cars by the front door thereof.

No person or persons riding on any closed motor or trailer cars of the company shall stand or remain on any platform or step thereof in such a position or for such time as to obstruct the free entrance to, or the exit from, such car of any passenger.

No person shall ride on the step, draw-bar, bumper, railing, cross-chain, nor on any fixture on the outside of dash of any motor or trailer car.

All persons entering the body of the car after the seating space is occupied shall immediately pass up to the front end of the car if there be any available standing room there.

Whenever the number of persons on the platform of any car shall be such as to block the entrance, any person riding on any such platform shall, on being requested to do so by the conductor, enter the body of the car, or, if inside, shall move up to the front end thereof, as the case may be. Any person who shall refuse to forthwith comply with the request of the conductor to enter the body of the car or pass up to the front end, as hereinbefore provided, shall, on request of the conductor, forthwith leave the car, and upon failure or refusal to so leave the car, the conductor or motorman or other person in charge of car may and shall eject the said person or person from the car, using for that purpose no unnecessary force.

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