153 Weston Rd, new tower for Metrolinx needs, and The Gunns Rd. Extension.

Above a photo 153 Weston Rd with the new Hydro tower installed, to provide heightened hydro lines for Metrolinx’s plan for the Gunns Road, Weston Road and St Clair St. W changes.

Extending Gunns Road easterly from Weston Road to Union Street is a planned action by the city of Toronto,  As well as extending  Keele Street southerly from south of Rogers Road to the Gunns Road extension.

Metrolinx views Gunns Road as a two-lane collector road that provides a by-pass alternative from Weston Road to St. Clair Avenue West.  The posted speed limit would me 50 km/h.  On-street parking would be prohibited.

An extension of Lavender Creek Trail to the intersection of Gunns Road and Weston Road is also planned.

New and improved sidewalks along the east side of Weston Road and the south side of the Gunns  Road, will be created.

It is Anticipated that future bus services will operate along the new roadway expansions. Cycling  MUPs (MUP means – multi use path) along the south side of the Gunns Road extension. 

153 Weston Rd before new hydro tower was installed, see upper right corner of a photo.

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