A message from Dr. Jackson of 108 Vine St.

Dr. Robert Jackson was The Junctions’ miracle food and health entrepreneur inventing  Roman Meal bread, and many other health foods at the building at 108 Vine St. which is now the sweet potato grocery store. The was the location of his operations during his most productive years.


Let the Reader be the Judge,

The Globe and Mail; June 18, 1935; page 5
Is This Unfair Practice?
I have spent many years perfecting Roman Meal to make out of it a most unusual human food. To this end I bring two of its ingredients from a quarter way around the earth.
I think it will be admitted that I must possess a knowledge of food in relation to health and disease that cannot be even approached by any baker anywhere, because bakers are not expected to know basic sciences underlying nutrition, anatomy and physiology of the food canal, digestion, absorption, assimilation, metabolism or the processes by which the cell constituents of the body ar built and worn out and rebuilt, nor the food constituents that promote this process.
I not only have this basic knowledge but used it so effectively that I have brought my body back from terrible deformity and certain death at 50 to what is conceded to be one of the most perfect bodies found anywhere at any age, at a period of years generally called very old age. I travelled 14,000 miles during the past nine months, lectured every night at least three hours, often delivered two or three other talks same day. I motored 1,800 miles in British Columbia Mountains, then through the Mountains of Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Western Texas always on schedule. A strenuous undertaking, this motoring alone, that few men at my age could endure without fatigue, but with the eternal lecturing and answering questions and equally eternal letter writing it was a stupendous undertaking. Yet not once was even my voice fatigued.
Unquestionably, without the health-building properties of Roman Meal I would have failed in this undertaking, yet wit it I came through better than when I began. I challenge any other food manufacturer to produce anyone of any age who can live extensively upon his product and duplicate this undertaking.
These achievement and similar achievements by thousand of others have created a very enviable reputation for Roman Meal bread. The elements in Roman Meal, which make it unique amongst grain foods, come from a quarter way round the earth, making them costly, and Roman Meal bread a little more costly than ordinary bread, but worth far more than the difference.
Recently I arranged to turn over to Purity Bread, Ltd., the sole right to make Roman Meal bread for house delivery in Toronto, on the understanding they would put out a double sized load for 10c. Now certain bakers deprived of the rights to make Roman Meal bread are placing imitations on the market claiming them to be the same as Roman Meal bread.
While I do not condemn these imitations I do denounce as absolute fraud and traitorous to the interest of their customers the effort to palm them off as identical with Roman Meal Bread. I do not even say : do not buy their imitations, but to my large following in Toronto I say: do not buy them and hope for results similar to those obtained from using Roman Meal bread. I say positively you will be disappointed, just as those who occasionally substitute some Roman Meal imitation for the original product that made Roman Meal the standard at which all others aim, without possessing the technical knowledge even to imitate it other than in outward appearance, the least important of all, yet it is the thing depended upon to fool the unwary.
I repeat, I do not condemn the imitations of Roman Meal bread. I only say they are not anything like Roman Meal bread in their internal constituents and those who say otherwise know it and wilfully mislead and dupe their customers. Can you continue to trust those who wilfully mislead you? Think it over.
Positively, the only bread that is like Roman Meal bread is Roman Meal bread, and this can be delivered at your house in Toronto by Purity Bread, Ltd., only — now a double sized loaf for 10c. Telephone Waverely 1844 and ask to have a salesman call and show you the large double sized loaf for 10c, which, considering its health-building proerties, is the cheapest bread sold.
To my large following I say : let the imitators of Roman Meal bread sell their imitations upon whatever merits they possess, but if you would obtain the benefits hoped for from my system you must not be duped into believing the false statements of those who would profit unethically by trying to dupe you and cash in on the merits and popularity of real Roman Meal bread. Purity Bread Limited have at a great sacrifice doubled the size or Roman Meal loaf and sell it at only 10c. To enable them to continue to sell it at this low price they must obtain a large sale. In buying Roman Meal bread from the Purity Bread Limited you are working in your own interest and the interest of the better health movement generally, by helping to keep the price of this wonderful bread down to that of ordinary bread.
Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd.
(signature Robt Jackson M.D.)

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