St. Cecilia’s Roman Catholic Church Dedicated. 1911


St. Cecilia’s Church
161 Annette Street Toronto
Junction Area 1911,

In the morning, of a Sept. 10  19111 St. Cecilia’s Roman Catholic Church at the corner of Annette street and Pacific avenue was dedicated

The service involved blessing the interior of the church while the congregation remained seated, later the blessing of the fourteen wall bas reliefs depicting the Stations of the Cross was done. The procession moved down the aisle, starting with the acolytes and other assistants, followed by the clergy with Mgr. McCann at the head. The altar was then blessed, with a sprig of green dipped in holy water.


The musical setting for the service was Wlegand’s, directed by Mr. P. J. Costello, formerly of St. Peter’s Church. He performed Dudley Buck’s “Salve Regina” during the offertory. Miss Lylia Middleton and Miss M. Brennan were also soloists, while Miss Alice MeEnany played the organ.

The new church building is large and attractive, featuring a main central tower with a spire. It cost an estimated $50,000 to build. Mgr. McCann was the creator of the parish, having established a small school there about nineteen years ago.

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I was told that Lightning struck the steeple on Aug 10, 1946
i am doing a biography and would like to know if this is factual?

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