Introduction of New WTJHS (Junction Historical Society) Volunteers.

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Introduction of New WTJHS Volunteers

Further to our earlier email, we want to introduce – and thank – four new volunteers who have agreed to take on key roles with the Society.

Katy Whitfield is Engagement Facilitator for WTJHS. This new role will start from what the Executive Committee is trying to achieve and work out how to support that by engaging with our members and the broader community. Katy and her friend Ian DaSilva presented to us last November about their community project ‘They walked these streets – We will remember them,’ about local residents who didn’t return from World Wars 1 and 2.  They now have information on 475 veterans from West Toronto Junction, too many to accommodate on their front lawns.  A next step could be to engage residents in other parts of the Junction to display records of veterans who lived in or near their homes.  Katy is a high school teacher with connections in local schools and many ideas on how to engage with teachers and students and with various communities. She has lived in the neighbourhood for over forty years. Katy will be a member of the Executive Committee.

Charlene Fisher is volunteering for the ‘bookkeeping’ component of the two-part traditional Treasurer role.  Charlene is an accountant with extensive experience doing audits of not-for-profits as well as having financial responsibilities on the board of a not-for-profit.  Charlene is a new resident of the Junction who was attracted to locate in the neighbourhood in part by the historical information on the WTJHS website.  Charlene will work closely with Peggy Mooney, who is proposed by the Nominating Committee for the elected ‘Treasurer’ role.

Stacey Nordlund, a recent new member, will be supporting the WTJHS website, email distribution, and our social media presence.  She is a librarian at a non-local branch of the Toronto Public Library and is able to take on these responsibilities because the work largely can be done from home.  She will be a member of the Executive Committee and attend monthly general meetings so she can be well-connected to the Society’s activities and priorities.  Stacey already has posted two items by WTJHS member Teresa O’Neill to our Facebook page.

James Naudi, another new member, will be supporting the WTJHS WordPress website in conjunction with Stacey.  James has related experience supporting other organizations with WordPress and brings other relevant technological expertise.  His work commitments conflict with the monthly WTJHS meetings so James will work closely with Stacey to understand and address our web requirements. He has developed an initial version of a fillable form for new members and will help implement it once approved. James has been a Junction resident for several years.

Welcome and many thanks to Katy, Charlene, Stacey and James.  We hope many more will step forward to the other volunteer opportunities outlined in our previous email to WTJHS members.

– WTJHS Executive Committee


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