2300 Dundas St. W demolished buildings age and building dates

The redevelopment of  3194 to 3206 Dundas Street West which has had sat on the site two 2-storey main street commercial buildings and a 1-storey church building. Proposed is a plan to a new 8-storey mixed-use building.

Ground-floor retail units fronting Dundas Street
West, and residential units fronting the laneway
to the rear o

The buildings on the Site were constructed after 1910, at which point
the main street commercial and residential context immediately to
the east and west of the Site had been established. The Site itself
evolved in the following sequence:
• 3206 Dundas Street West: Completed by 1913.
• 3194-3196 Dundas Street West: Completed by 1914.
• 3200 Dundas Street West: Completed by 1966.


source , HERITAGE IMPACT ASSESSMENT | 3194-3206 Dundas Street West, by ERA Architects Inc, last update 2020

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