Comfortable cycling waiting areas, have a lean. Planned for Toronto.

City plans Street elements for people cycling and cycling waiting areas.


The city writes in the RFQ, for the supply, install and warranty as needed of a street element for people cycling that includes galvanized steel foot and hand rail and installed in the edge zone at signalized intersections or key locations to facilitate safe and comfortable cycling waiting areas; and the supply, installation, removal, reinstallation and warranty as needed of galvanized steel on-street bicycle parking corrals 

The Bicycle Resting Rail installations may be required in the City Right of Way on sidewalks and boulevards with concrete, unit pavers, brick interlock, or other surfaces. The Bike Corral installations may be required in the City Right of Way on roadways with asphalt, concrete, or other surfaces. Each surface will require appropriate secure mounting hardware.


Bicycle Resting Rail

The Bicycle Resting Rail shall provide a hand rail and a foot rest for people cycling to use when stopped at signalised intersections (or other key locations). Users must be able to place one (1) hand on the hand rail and one (1) foot on the foot rest, to maintain balance while seated on the bicycle. Each unit shall consist of two (2) vertical supports connected at the top by a hand rail and near the bottom by a foot rest.


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