THE CANADA WIRE MATTRESS COMPANY., at the very hub of the Junction


The Canada Wire Mattress Company’s factory, a structure of 50×60, three storeys, is situate at the very hub of the Junction, namely the crossing of the tracks of the Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk systems.  Here is manufactured a full line of wooven wire, hair, cotton, wool and sea grass mattresses, spring beds and cots, which are sold at wholesale exclusively to the general furniture trade of Canada.  The company also make iron beds for colleges, hospitals, etc.  The firm is an old one having been established in Windsor in 1870, but was changed to present style and removed to Toronto in 1883 and to the Junction early in 1887, being the first general factory to locate in the Junction.


Canada Wire Mattress Company Mr Brocklebank

The firm’s productions are standard with the furniture trade of Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia, the number of goods produced and distributed annually running up into the hundreds of thousands.

Globe 1891


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