Toronto city council’s convoluted bid process for city work

How the city bids out

your neighbourhood work

The Daily Commerical News is reporting today in a story about the City of Toronto’s convoluted and demanding bid process (for city infrastructure, road, and other works), that the city process for contracting city work out is in need of repair and the city agrees it  is a mess.  Many group are saying it has just become even more problematic with the new lobbyist rules. Under the new rules for example the Ontario General Contractors Association which is attempting to iron out some of the problems is the system with the city has to register as lobbyists. Whenever they attempt to meet with city staff and help them work out a more streamlined bidding process constitutes lobbying and requires registration — something the OGCA says isn’t worth the time.
His frustration is echoed by John Mollenhauer, president of the Toronto Construction Association.
Karen Renkema, director of government relations at the Ontario Road Builders’ Association, meanwhile, still maintains the Toronto registry is another diversion of funds away from crumbling infrastructure but says it’s not a major issue.
The complete  story can be read here at the Daily Commerical News, this industry newspaper provides a look into how city tax dollars are spent in a very informative manner sometimes not provided by the daily papers

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