Too much unintended thought in WTO renos?

This house is one reason why the influx of architects opening shops in WTO is needed.
This house on Windermere Avenue is undergoing an upgrade of some sort, and leaving it to people living on the street to make a final decision as to its value, there is still much to be considered about the exterior treatments being used.
1st, they are painting the normal type of brick used in Toronto-  a material made to be applied to building as a veneer or in greater thickness to create a self supporting wall.  Painted brick will peel, letting someone tell you it won’t is fooling yourself.
It also appears they are keeping the veranda closed in, which is a shame as verandas are wonderful places to sit and experience the urban outdoors. In Toronto, unheated and enclosed outside verandas quickly take on a smell of mildew and a feeling of damp.

Posted by Robert


Painting brick is such a waste. You go from maintenance free to a high maintenance surface. All that peeling can't be good for the environment. Eventually, people stop maintaining it, and it looks ugly. Look at that large Victorian block at Dundas and Keele with the pub and sub shop. The sad thing is that just up the street there's a freshly painted facade.

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