CPR Holiday Train Photo Essay

The CPR Holiday Train visited the junction area for the 1st time on Dec. 2nd 2008, Previously it had stopped at the distillery district in Toronto’s south east end. With efforts made by Councillor Sandercook the CPR bought the train up to the Junction.

All images provided by Lado Soudek

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I have lived in this area since 1958 with my parents, first on Boler, than on Maria st. now on Mcmurray ave. lI remember the Beaver Show and where it was located just past Pacific. ave. I remember the propane yard on Boler, I went to the YWCA ,they tore it down and made it Malta Parkette, I used to go to woolworths and kresggies and the chinese rest almost next door, I remember Indovina on the corner of Qebec and Dundas where my mother shopped because they delivered. I also remember th horse pulled milk trucks that delivered the milk to our home…..lots has changed I take walks around the junction and I see in my minds eye how busy the streets were at xmas you almost had to move unto the rd.pple saying merry xmas…uh yes there was the dairy on the corner of st.johns and dundas where we used to get fresh icecream cones, I havn't tasted ice cream like that since. my gosh where has the time gone, oh well I just thought in case you didn't have some of this info that here it is, thank you for taking the time to read this…..Nevenka

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