Is Spin farming coming to your backyard in Toronto

The farm in your backyard or city lot, urban agriculture what does city staff and the elected representives think of it?


The cities Parks and Environment Committee has recently had during their  last regular meeting (Feb 5th 2009)  presentations about urban agriculture and the  increase lands available  for urban food production

the cities report statement…

In keeping with Toronto’s commitment to environmental leadership, work is underway to develop a comprehensive strategy to address emerging issues related to the field of urban agriculture and increase lands for urban food production. Food strategy is an important component of the Climate Change, Clean Air and Sustainable Energy Action Plan, which was unanimously adopted by City Council in July, 2007.

one of the presenters  was a  Ms. Sobie will discuss SPIN-Farming and the business City Harvest, which she started and ran for the past two years in Victoria, BC using this farm model Spin Framing site

There are quite a few background report links in the city document below if you are interested in this subject

Parks and Environment Committee Decision Document (Feb 5th 2009)

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