Winter cafe Enclosures on St. Clair Avenue West

Creative Commons License photo credit: wyliepoon

Councillor Cesar Palacio is requesting the Manager, Municipal Licensing and Standards, to report to the Etobicoke York Community Council on amendments to the former City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 313, to permit seasonal enclosures on St. Clair Avenue West by extending the dates of enclosure operation to include the winter months.

from the (February 9, 2009) Member Motion from Councillor Cesar Palacio


Currently, licensed café operators who have an agreement with the City to operate a full patio enclosure are permitted to operate the enclosure only between April 1st and May 30th as well as September 15th to November 1st of any given year. Many Toronto businesses with full enclosures would like to be given the option of operating them year-round however, as other Cities allow, to offer customers an “outdoor” dining experience even during the winter months.

St. Clair Avenue West is home to several businesses that are enthusiastically looking to participate in a pilot project of this nature. Without a full enclosure, these patio spaces often go unmaintained and neglected during the winter months. Dozens of businesses have been operating year-round enclosures, without incident or complaint from the local community for years. This is an old bylaw that is badly in need of updating. This proposed pilot

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