HOLLAND MARINE PRODUCTS leaving the Junction

The  two One  Tielen sons  (we have been properly admonished by Peter Tielen that he alone is the owner of HMP now) …This text is the blogs apology to him, and we stuck it in the middle of the post so everyone will see it. are moving their business out of the Junction down to the Lakeshore Rd., Mimico area. Their father ran this business for a long time before his sons began running  it some – well a lot  years ago.  A large part of the business during the earlier years was upholstery work for boats which their father was excellent at designing as well as the sale of boating goods.


another old Junction business leaves sadly…

just in case you didn’t know who /what this business was  from their site

Holland Marine Products® is a Marine Chandlery supplying hardware from the largest inventory in Ontario, if not Canada. We are the source for those parts that in the past were only available from manufacturers. All boating accessories, from hardware, navigational needs, sailing aids, maintenance products



I'm ok with it closing. They were hardly ever open anyway. Look at all of the new places that have come along lately. The new bar across from Margaret, the antique shop where the cell phone shop used to be (east of Pacific, south side) and the Red studio just east of Cool Hand. YAY Junction!

I'm sad to see this business go. I used to be in the boating community and long before I moved to the Junction, I came to HMP to purchase boating supplies. This business brought people to the Junction for serious niche market products. It also operates a major boating supply catalogue. HMP kept their property maintained both on the street and in the back laneway so it didn't contibute to the increasing garbage, litter and tagging. I wish HMP well and would love to find out why they decided the Junction no longer suits their needs.

as stated before, your info is incorrect. how do you think that you know more about my business than i do???
there is only one tielen who owns hmp, not 2! your info is at least 15yrs out of date

peter tielen

Thanks for that Peter, and we are sorry but the number of two seems to be the common consensus from a few other Junction business owners. We really are sorry about it making the mistake and will add a update to the post. Peter you may not be aware but a lot of people like your business being in the Junction and are sad you are leaving, and it's probably for a good reason, if you would be kind and let people know I think would really be thankful. Thanks for commenting.

So sad to see this business leave. HMP (Peter) has always been there when I needed him. Great service, products and competitive pricing. Perter’s
‘s knowledge of CS boats was great. I will miss you

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