Recently vacated rawlicious restaurant site undergoing remiss

Lots contractor tools and stuff visible though pen from door.





Hi guys, this is my place. I'm opening a store called The Beau & Bauble for girls. It'll be goodies aimed at the 8+ crowd. Clothes, jewellery, accessories, stationery, room stuff, etc etc. I have set up Twitter (@BeauAndBauble) and am setting up facebook now. Website should be ready in about a week and I'm hoping to open the store in about 10 days.
Very busy and very excited! Thanks for your interest…
PS. The painting is finished now, like mint ice cream.

Kate, welcome to the neighbourhood. Your shop sounds like an exciting addition to the neighbourhood. You will have lots of excited girls in the area clamouring over your goods. I am the mom of two sweet boys, so I guess there will be nothing to offer them but I will keep you in mind when buying gifts for the girls in my life.

Best of luck!

Thanks Denise!
There are always a few things that cross the divide and interest both boys and girls so get those little guys in here too!

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