books I need one that I have little info on……

As the blog runner for the junctioneer I tend to read a number of books on urban development both historical and contemporary. Now I have lost the memory of a book I read last year (I borrowed it from the library and have tried searching the online cagalog there for it – to no avail.)

So I thought I would give a very weak  note of what I remember (all I can remember of it) hoping someone else knows of it.

The books author  was named something like Lawrence Solomon and within the book he speaks about the premise that early workers living in the Junction were possibility downtown office workers rather than working within the community in manufacturing  jobs.

That is  what I can remember, anyone remember reading a book such as this? I know it’s a weak link.

Or if anyone knows other books they are reading in this area please let me know. thanks,

as I am asking people want books they are reading I thought it would be fair to give a little list of current books I am reading.


The books above are for a course I am taking and are quite good if you are interested in brain function and how the body and mind react to stimuli. The 1st two are good reading (and  available at Chapters) while the third a is heavy tome of the science that makes up the elements of the 1st two.


The books above are about common public space (the commons) and the interaction of people to form a community (strangers in strange lab). The 1st book in the second row discusses reliving traffic issues though information.

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