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The Lucky You 2920 Dundas St West adult shop (website – www.luckyyou.ca) which caused concern among many many people in the community has presented itself in a wonderful way and not in the manner that many people expected a shop such as this to to. This author and others remember the other past shops of this type over the years in the Junction which were not pleasant to say the least.

The community fears founded on past experience have not panned out it seems.  any opinions out there?

Updateluckyyou appears to be a online store only now, chked link Feb 13 2013.

This address ( 2920 Dundas St West) is now occupied by Pandemonium Books.


"The community fears founded on past experience have not panned out it seems. any opinions out there?"

Of course there are 🙂

As documented on this blog, I was completely OK with this new store in our community. However upon its opening I now have one concern: you can see, through the front window, all of the products and toys the store carries. I don't think this is being a responsible local tenant. I believe they should block the sightliness a bit better instead of the see-through white fabric which is currently employed in the store window.

While I don't mind if you want to purchase a twelve inch, solid black synthetic rubber fist for your own personal pleasure, I'm sure some of the parent's in the community would prefer not having to launch into an explanation when Jr. looks through the window.

Why hide it? The curtain is at JR's level. I've seen some kid-scary setups at Roue Morgue and the collectable card/toy store across the street and nobody minds that. Plus its nothing kids can't see on television/video games every day.

Do you want your son or daughter asking you "why that women has a gag in her mouth"? Cmon now… the fabric is as see through as your logic sir

This prudish side is something I've not seen before. You never struck me as someone who could be offended, offending sure but not offended.

Grow up people it's just SEX.

I'd pay top dollar if they had live dancing in the window like they do on that adult store on Queen street, abiet with a curtain to keep Jr's eyes off.

I'm not offended in the least. Strap it on, slip it off, tie it up… hell, lets go!

Just playing devils advocate for once… I know… not a good colour on me lol

I think the curtain offers perfectly adequate discretion. More to the point, the shop carries quality products and the owners are lovely, friendly people who provide good service. Members of my household representing two generations and two sexual orientations have been shopping there and had positive experiences. Like all Junction businesses, they need you to actually buy stuff there, so go shopping!

I still think its fine. Its not like they have Peter North posters in the window. You can't hide sex from kids anymore. They know everything there is to know real young now. Thats just modern life. All it takes it one journey on the interwebs and its all pretty much in your face

"…caused concern among many many people in the community…"

Junctioneer, I'm surprised you don't remember that the person who seemed most concerned about this was you! Remember this?: http://breakingprojects.com/junctioneer/2009/10/14/new-adult-store-in-the-junction-next-to-the-early-years-store/

How people deal with their past mistakes says a lot about a person. I think linking the current post to the earlier post would have been the least you could have done. I'm not trying to belittle you for having been concerned about this, but you ascribe those concerns to other people and fail to acknowledge your own part in this.

When I went in to check it out, the owners were quite friendly, and they assured me that there would be more stock later. Regardless, I'm not sure how much latent demand there is for vinyl corsets and sex toys in the Junction and hope they manage to attract a broader clientele for the sake of their business.

As I mentioned earlier, but somehow the response remains unposted…… this is a lovely store. The products are presented in a tasteful manner and certainly not offensive to anyone or their children. This type of retail endeavor is to be welcomed by us Junctioneers and we should remember that if we want a thriving, vital retail core, we must patronize these establishments or they will disappear, such as Acme Candy (so sad to see that they are gone)! Way to go, and welcome New Business Owners! This is not your Mom's "dirty store". This store carries lots of lovely and tasteful items and I suggest that there is something for everyone, if you'd only venture inside.
Good Luck, Lucky You and dare I say, from many of us Junction Residents, Lucky Us!!!

I stopped in to check out the store and pick up a few fun goodies for my wife and I. The lovely lady that owns the store is a true gem! She is open to any conversation and extremely helpful in suggesting options to try while getting a feel for our level of play. I recommend dropping by to check out her great selection of toys and gear. The store is very clean, cute, organized, stocked and smells delicious!
Lucky Us…Lucky Me!

The shop looks great and the owners seem really nice! But why do they close so early?! 🙁 8am most days of the week? They should try staying open until at least 10 in my opinion.

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