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vu ja de means,

It’s when you know you have never been there before. (2)An experience like nothing you have ever seen or felt before. (3)  Never have imagined living the moment. <— I like that line

above from Urban Dictionary

…and the sign typography is great.  and the bright colours in the window really make a scene for the eye in an a strip of stores that are basically monotone.

anyone know anything about this store?


Did you just quote "Urban Dictionary"?? Too funny… That store is an Urban fashion store. Don't want to hate but I'll be shocked if it makes it 12 months. These types of stores have been tried and failed in the Junk before. I see name brand stuff but then I start wondering about if it's real or not. There was a brand name urban store on Keele just north of Vu Ja De and they didnt' make it….

Just around the bend on Keele north of the little chinese resto is a new ANTIQUE store… Just opened maybe 4 days ago… Looks like they have some cool stuff in there.

You said "the sign typography is great". I say it's bland and does nothing to distinguish the identity of the store, especially on that black background. Let's agree to disagree on this one.

I have a weird feeling this store will actually have some legs and be around for a while, but not because it will be a successful business. I think the transients and drug users I make frequent mention of will enjoy a place that sells goodwill / salvation army style clothes at barrel bottom prices. Along with their knock off hand-bags and purses, the store seems chocked full of stuff picked up at other "1$ per pound" clothing stores. The rent is probably pretty cheap since the man whole lives above it (and who owns the building from what I understand) allowed the "Office Supplies" store to sit vacant for so long before renting to these new tenants, so I don't see the stores monthly costs being too large. I may be wrong about this one, but something says this shop will hang around.

I agree the typography is nothing special, I think it's one of the default font that comes with any PC operating system.

I have to follow up some of my above comments and actually change my stance on this store. I spoke to someone last night who informed me the gent. running this shop has actually been in the clothing business for some time now and, as well as running VU JA DE, also runs a business in the artist's building/lofts on Hook Ave. I'm told he's a nice guy who saw a niche' that could be filled

Huh? How does the fact that the owner is a nice guy change the fact that this is just another shop selling crappy knock-off clothing?

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