Excellent backgrounder and state of action report about 6 Lloyd Avenue on the MRA site

Link to article on the The Mulock Avenue Residents’ Association site about 6 Lloyd Avenue


Terrasan has left a lot of garbage on and around their land including there newly vacant homes at 174 and 176 Mulock Avenue owned by them.

They need to cleanup their mess since they own the properties.

Please call Terrasan or the city in regards to their cleanup problems.


I recently found out from the City that the lawsuit city filed against Terrasan for the demolished properties has been settled and no longer an issue.

Outcome of the St.Clair Avenue Study Meeting on November 24,2010.

– There will be a review of the St.Clair and Keele (South/East) Corner where the old Bengimin Moore Lands (6 Lloyd Street) for the entire corner starting in January 2011.
The City is looking at potential changing the zoning from Industrial to Mixed Use which is a real good thing for the area and will cleanup that corner of St.Clair. I would expect this would also be applicable the Canada Bread Facility that is moving locations in 2011 as well.

– 30 Weston Rd (Old Bungee Lands) the hoarding and Signage(immediatley afterwards on the hoarding) has started and construction to start shortly after.
The Complex is scheduled to be completed by Fall 2012.


– The street paving at St.Clair and Gunns Road/Cobalt should be completed by the end of November 2010 and the widening of the road to start some time in 2011.

– The burnt down NY Pork facility at around St.Clair and Colbalt should be demolished within the next month and the permits should be issued within a week or two.
There approving it for a new zoning as well and changing it from Industial to Mixed Use or something like that.

The presentation will be uploaded to this location once the City puts it up.

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