Gantry contraption at the rubber processing plant a beautiful industrial artifact.

This author does not think this structure is currently in use, as the type of truck body sitting under it usually are not bulk carriers.

How the rubber plant used this structure, causes a bit of wonder.

It is typical of the type seen at locations of heavy industrial process, there are now few structures of this type in the Greater Junction Area.

The object can be seen at. National Rubber Techologies Corp.

35 Cawthra Ave
TORONTO, Ontario
M6N 5B3

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Perhaps it dates back to the Gurney Foundry era of this plant. The building is very historical, going back to the late 19th century. It appears modern because one renovation saw the application of a 1980s cladding material on its facades. Still, the blackened brick smokestack that one can see on Cawthra Avenue provides a hint to its past.

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