209 Mavety St. transfer to Social Development, Finance very important for the Junction community

Now is the time for Junction community to come together and claim this enviable building.

SDFA, intends to issue a Request for Expressions of Interest to help identify a possible community and/or cultural not for profit organization to occupy the Property, and therein support important community needs. In order to facilitate an agreement under CST, SDFA requires Operational Management of the Property.

what SDFA does,

The Social Development, Finance & Administration Division provides leadership and support to the Deputy City Manager, the Citizen Centred Services “A” Cluster and City Council to:

  • develop and implement a social inclusion and community safety agenda for the city
  • foster safe and strong neighbourhoods and communities
  • promote community engagement
  • advance life skill opportunities for youth

A circulation to the City’s Divisions and Agencies was undertaken to ascertain whether or not there was any other municipal interest in the Property. No other municipal interest was expressed. The Technical Review Committee has reviewed this matter and concu

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