On this day in the Junction August 7, 1957

Thoughtful remembrances of People who built the Junction. 

The Maple Leaf Milling Company that sat on the west side of Junction Rd. Has been gone for decades, the company that evolved from the milling firms still has operations in the Junction at  100 Ethel Ave, Toronto. The plant is pictured above,

Arthur Russell Mercer, 47,
manager of the West Toronto
mlll of the Maple Leaf Milling
Co. Ltd., died of a heart attack
at Haliburton on Monday.

Maple Leaf Mills manger dies.

Mr. Mcrcer was born in St.
Marys, a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Mercer, He attended
school there.
He camne to Toronto in 1928
and slx years later joined the
Maple Leaf Co.. where he had
been employed for 23 years.
He had becn a member of
the Purchasing Agents Assocla-
tion and Mmico Lawn Bowling
Club. He was active in Wesley
United Church, Mimico.
He leaves hls wife, the for-
mer Evelyn Viola Philllps: two
chlldren, Lynne and Jil1, at hls
home, 27 MIles Rd. Mimico:
and a brother, George Nercer
of Toronto, in additlon to hls

The Globe and Mail Aug 7, 1957; P

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