Going on historical list, 153 Weston Road (Toronto Suburban Railway Transformer Station, c.1894)

September 10, 2021

Toronto Preservation Board recommends 153 Weston Road be added to the historic list.


The structure at 153 Weston Road, located just north of St. Clair Avenue West, was constructed c.1894 to serve as a transformer station for the Toronto Suburban Railway’s Weston Line, which ran north on Weston Road, and was an important line within the railway network that stitched together Toronto and smaller communities within southern Ontario. The building was purchased by Ontario Hydro in 1928, subsequently decommissioned and adaptively reused for a variety of purposes. The structure is a two and a half storey brick and concrete industrial building, with window openings on the upper levels and an ornamental circular detail within the gable peak on the principal (west) façade. The utilitarian design emphasizes the building’s structural form, with expressed pilasters revealing structural rebar columns on the exterior. A one and a half storey component on the north façade presumably contained offices and/or administrative uses, with the larger volume comprising the electrical machinery.
Inclusion on the Heritage Register – Etobicoke York Nominated Properties Page 1

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