The cities High Park Movement Strategy (HPMS)

A new report about the future of the  High Park Movement Strategy (HPMS). is in process. HPMS is considering long-term improvements to the travel network (users) within High Park in order to improve the service of the park for the users and neighbourhood.  The items will emphasise safety, accessibility and the park’s ecological health and will be educated by current weekend vehicle-free program.

The report will outline the variety of travel network changes that will be done through researching, evaluating and condense the study process.   It will outline how ideas for the future of Parkside Drive are being studied in combination with the probabilities for the travel network within High Park.  This report will also include surfacing research from work to date such as information on present features and facilities, infrastructure and park usage.
The High Park Movement Strategy is currently developed through substantial meetings with stakeholder groups(active in the park), right-holders, Indigenous communities and the general public.  This report will encapsulate the feedback from the preliminary meeting and will outline future discussions.
The final report will be released early 2023 and will target the preferred set of enhancements to the High Park travel network.  Meantime, “quick win” changes that can be done in the interlude are being considered as they occur.
May 11, 2022, an Interim Report was presented to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee to provide an update on the ongoing High Park Movement Strategy.

Contact Information

Project Email

Heather Oliver
Project Officer, Parks Development and Capital Projects
Telephone: 416-338-5831

Alyssa Krantzberg
Project Manager, Area Transportation Planning
Telephone: 416-396-5558


List of External Stakeholders contacted
• 8-80 Cities
• Allotment Garden
• Bloor by the Park BIA
• Bloor West Village BIA
• Bloor West Village Residents
• Can Stage
• Cycle Toronto
• Friends of High Park Zoo
• Grenadier Café
• High Park Grenadier Fund
• High Park K9
• High Park Little League
• High Park Natural Environment Committee
• High Park Nature
• High Park Nature Centre
• High Park Sunday Walking Tours
• High Park Tenants Association
• High Park Volunteer Stewardship Program
• High Park Walking Tours
• High Park Zoo
• Howard Park Tennis Club
• Labyrinth
• Park People
• Park Watch
• Roncesvalles Village BIA
• Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents’ Association
• Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park
• Shakespeare in High Park
• Sunnyside Community Association
• Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society
• Toronto Birding
• Toronto Entomologist Association
• Toronto High Park FC
• Trackless Train
• Walk Toronto

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