7 facts about the new building to be build at 3001 Dundas Street West

  1. The buildings will have a maximum height of 11 storeys (36 metres) and the  minimum height of 10.5 metres (up to 3 storeys).
  2. The ground floor should be 4.5 metres to facilitate retail uses at grade.
  3. The building’s envelope should have a minimum of 5 hours of sunlight and there will be breaks at the upper storeys between new and existing mid-rise buildings to increase sunlight to the sidewalk.
  4. The front facade may require step-backs to mitigate the perception of height.
  5. The mid-rise buildings may be set back to provide minimum sidewalk zone.
  6. The buildings will utilize high-quality fabrics and green innovation for their permanence, durability and energy efficiency.
  7. There will be vehicular access provided via local street and rear lanes.

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