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Canadian militarily equip.  Dundas Square, move Sat afternoon.

Offloaded from the transport trailers,which are too long to go and return from.Dundas Square at River St. Dispatched from Borden, Ontario. which is a slow transport, with one tank, and the fast attack vehicle.

These are the real thing not training or design models, and new.

National Trust for Canada released its 12th annual Top 10 Endangered Places list on May 26, 2016.
The Top 10 Endangered Places List is released annually to bring national attention to sites at risk due to neglect, lack of funding, inappropriate development and weak legislation. From unique 19th-century landmarks to simple vernacular housing, stone railway stations to Modernist airports, heritage districts to single buildings, the list has become a powerful tool in the fight to make landmarks, not landfill.
The National Trust uses three primary criteria to determine the 10 final sites for inclusion on the list:
Significance of the site

Urgency of the threat/potential for a positive and creative solution

Evidence of active community support on the ground for its preservation

ST Lawerence Market building 2-demo 

1 more week.and building down, another for site cleanup.

Then the new market 2  building

Pumpkin fest 

Pumpkinfest is a fall themed community event that takes place every year in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto. The event centers around the train platform area, with family-friendly games, crafts, and free pumpkin carving happening throughout the afternoon. Event-goers are also encouraged to walk through the Junction’s streets to check out fall themed specials and promotions that local participating businesses.

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No all concerning items for the Junctions at the October 13 2016 Etobicoke York Community Council meeting. What why!?

Meeting 17 of the Etobicoke York Community Council, has, nothing on sheet that concerns the a whole. 

There are one or two of the usual private parking space apps.

Thursday, October 13, 2016 9:30 AM

Council Chamber, Etobicoke Civic Centre

City seeking to require restaurants, bars, entertainments, night clubs to maintain sidewalks outside their business clean.

Licensing and Standards Committee recommends that:


1. City Council approve amendments to Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 545, Licensing to require restaurants, bars, entertainments, night clubs and other establishments which require licensing to maintain the public sidewalk surrounding their business free from littered cigarette butts, cigar tips, electronic cigarettes and any refuse disposal generated by their patrons at all times.


2. City Council amend Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 545, Licensing to ensure cigarette disposal containers or receptacles be mandatory at bars, entertainment establishments, nightclubs and other businesses where patrons dispose cigarette butts on public sidewalks.

Background Information
(September 7, 2016) Report from the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards on Supporting Litter Reduction through Amendments to Chapter 545, Licensing 

Public Notice – Proposed Amendments to Chapter 545, Licensing 


City of Toronto, property officer position, what it entrails


Property Officer 1 you can apply here

Major Responsibilities:


Reporting to the Manager, the Property Officer 1 performs valuation and conducts negotiations for the leases/sales/purchase of surplus property resulting in the completion of real estate transactions including sales, lease, licenses, land exchanges, easements permissions and consent agreements.

Prepares appraisals of real property including leasehold and leased fee, strata and easement interests

Conducts economic and feasibility studies including using the Discounted Cash Flow technique (DCF).

Assesses/evaluates appraisal reports, real estate development feasibility studies and other reports prepared by private consultants.

Evaluates elements of compensation i.e. good will, value to the owner, in accordance with the provisions of the Expropriation Act and makes recommendations.

Inspects property to determine location, type of construction, condition, functional design, takes measurements and pictures Obtains information from Departments and outside sources regarding planned use, cost of services, zoning by-law restrictions, costs.

Negotiates with the general public, agents, solicitors, business/industrial corporations, developers and officials of all levels of government and makes recommendations as to price, terms and conditions etc., for leasehold acquisition by purchase or expropriation or disposal of a wide variety of real property interests

Responds to enquiries from other divisions, tenants, real estate agents, the public and elected officials

Represents Division and provides appraisal and/or consulting input at meetings with community groups, property owners, Councillors, and City staff.

Represents the City at tribunals, arbitration hearings, mediations and the Ontario Municipal Board as an expert witness. Prepares submissions for and appear as a witness at hearings, mediations and tribunals.

Coordinates and attends meetings with Departments, Boards and Commissions and community groups for the purpose of presenting advice on real estate matters and City policy.

Prepares appraisal reports and conducts feasibility studies on City-owned properties by researching, analyzing data, projecting future financial potential, to produce a proposal call or recommend a course of action. Prepares similar studies on private properties re proposed acquisition by City.

Represents the Division’s real interests in City-wide planning, negotiation, priority-setting and decision processes to ensure consistency with Divisional responsibilities, objectives and other contractual requirements.

Prepares draft reports for Council, Committees, Departments and agencies.

Maintains records of transactions in progress.

Identifies real estate issues, market trends and assist in the development of real estate appraisal policy and processes.

Verifies Agreements of Lease, Purchase and Sale and arranges for and reviews independent appraisals.


Job Classification Title        PROPERTY OFFICER 1

Job ID #         2240450 X

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Paris banned cars for the second time, a cross half the city

Text by Joseph BAMAT  full article here 

Latest update : 2016-09-25

Paris banned cars from large swaths of the French capital on Sunday as part of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s wider efforts to fight air pollution. But critics say her policies are only shifting the problem elsewhere.
Around half of Paris was off limits to cars during a seven-hour period for the capital’s second “Day without cars” (Journée sans voitures), with exceptions made for public buses, taxis and emergency vehicles.
This year’s event was even more ambitious than in 2015, covering 650 km of the city.
Some areas around the capital were limited exclusively to pedestrians from 11am this morning, with many free recreational and educational events organised for city residents as part of the much-publicised event.