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Amazing shoes for summer with unbelievable texture.

Sometimes a product is just completely designed well.

One best looking eateries in TO

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It’s on Dawes Rd, and reminded me somewhat of the old CPR restaurant on St Clair St. W. Across from the Ken Shaw dealership.

290 Weston Rd, on going clean up, and a lost building.

In 2013, 

Below in August 2016, looking north from track side of the property.

Below Looking south east  from north extent of the property.

The dip in the ground with the fresh green, is the footprint of the Cadet Cleaners Building. White containers  around the property are part of the cleanup effort.


Urban Toronto reporting, Province Moving Ahead with Dufferin Street Bridge Widening

Passing over Queen Street West, the rail bridge will be widened to facilitate an additional track for the Barrie GO corridor, needed to facilitate increased service as part of the GO RER program. Meanwhile, the expanded bridge will also allow for an extension of the West Toronto Railpath, a multi-use “rails to trails” path used by both pedestrians and cyclists.  All text the site 

Wallace Avenue Foot Bridge rail noise guard now tagged.

photo August 15th 2026 click for full size image

Railroad companies get very upset about this kind of thing, tagged fences, damaged fences, waste dumped on their property. 

This then comes to making it harder for community groups to get funding from the railroads.

Back in the 90’s Jerry McKenzie was the CPR man in charge of keeping  the railroads right of way clear, free of dumped waste and painting of fences in the Junction down to were the track of Toronto Terminal Railways st Union Station.

Jerry was a hard railroad man, but was fair, he always brought up the issue that it was our community dumping stuff over the fence and o to the tracks, and marking up their fences and cars. 

Yet the CPR still indtalled smart start on all the locos, which would stop in the Junction, give 5000 dollars  to the WTHS to do a study of the roundtable. 

And the community needs funds from them now to save as fast as possible  the Junction railroad that is going away so fast.

The new Guild Inn being developed by the city, photo post.









Text from city site,

This scenic and historic park, formerly known as Guildwood Park, is a sculptural sanctuary and has beautiful gardens. It also has an interesting history that reflects famous artists, powerful political figures and contributions made to the art community. Although the park is not open for wedding ceremonies, wedding photography permits are allowed. More info
In 2014 the Guild Park & Gardens Management Plan was prepared to provide the City of Toronto with a comprehensive framework to guide the management of the Guild Park & Gardens.

Revitalization and Development of Restaurant and Banquet Centre Facilities complete details after the continue link

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Relief sculptures from original Globe and Mail Building.

The great TTC

Sunday August 24th 2016

TTC information host, why cut funds to public service that understands it needs to go this far.

Real world pop up fresh veg and fruit stalls in Toronto

A few of these fruit and veg stalls have popped up around Toronto’s downtown core, south of Dundas St. 

They operate long hours, and are much faster when picking up fruit and veg.