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Job, organic garage seeks grocery manager


Ryding Ave residents, most innovation front facades and rebuilds,



Ryding Ave has some of the most expressive house rebuilds.

Function in the Junction 2017 tickets for Sat, May 6th

Function in the Junction 2017

The Function in the Junction is less than two weeks away. We completely sold out last year, so don’t miss your chance to attend the best party of the year. See you there!

Ron Sexsmith has released a most wonderful Canadian folk collection of songs.

Ron Sexsmith is a Canadian singer-songwriter from St. Catharines.

Illuminated sign variance granted for 1 Atlantic Avenue, that for viewing from the GE


Motion to Amend Item moved by Tracey Hamilton (Carried)
That the Sign Variance Committee:

1. Grant the variances requested to §694-22D and §694-26I(1) to allow for the issuance of a permit for the erection and display of the Proposed Sign at the premises municipally known as 1 Atlantic Avenue, as described below:

Proposed Sign

A new third party ground sign containing static copy only erected and displayed located on the premises municipally known as 1 Atlantic Avenue along the southern property frontage facing the F.G. Gardiner Expressway, further described as follows:

– Illuminated;
– With a height of no more than approximately 30.00 metres;
– Located a minimum of 42 m from another third party sign;
– Located in the exact same location as the sign described as the “existing sign” in the April 17, 2017 Supplementary Report from the Manager, Sign By-law Unit, Toronto Building; and
– Containing one sign face oriented in a south-easterly direction described as follows:
in the shape of a rectangle;
having a horizontal measurement of 18.29 metres; and
having a vertical measurement of 13.41metres.
Required Variances:

1. The requirement contained at §694-22D, which states that a third party sign shall not be erected within 100.00 metres of any other lawful third party sign whether erected or not; lit be varied to allow for the Proposed Sign to be erected and displayed no closer than approximately 42 metres away from another third party sign.

2. The requirement contained at §694-26I which states that a sign where erected on a property designated “C” within the GG-SSD as set out in Schedule A must comply with the provisions of §694-25A, be varied to allow for the Proposed Sign to be erected and displayed which does not comply with the §694-25A in the following particulars, the Proposed Sign is a third party ground sign, and not a third party wall sign as provided for under §694-25A, the Proposed Sign has sign face area of approximately 245.5 square meters, which exceeds the maximum permitted of 20.0 square metres provided by §694-25A, the Proposed Sign has a height of approximately 30.0 metres which exceeds the maximum height of 15.0 metres provided by §694-25A, the Proposed Sign will face a street, where the permission for a sign provided by §694-25A, requires a sign to be erected facing a street.

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Margaret Atwood’s novel today on Hulu as TV program


“The Hand-maid’s Tale”, 1985 now a ten-part television series on Hulu from April 26th.

Storyline, American society is ruled by a theocratic dictatorship. Women are stripped of their jobs & property, and categorized in terms of those who can bear children – the handmaids. In-fertile women, lesbians are sent to die farming toxic land.

With women’s reproductive rights at the centre of its narrative, In the Trump era of family planning services, it is opportune program for some thought.


Dundas St. W. Between Indian Rd and Grove in becoming the prettiest section of the Junction Retail Strip

The old Mcbride motorcycle and bike building, nee bowling alley building is long gone and sat on the property now is a new condo. Built by the
Developer and Builder TAS the building is well suited to the site and area in size and form, and even in facade materials.

With LCBO opening in this building and a great facades of the newer shops the section of the retail strip is looking great.


Ontario starts basic income trial Toronto Star reports, $17,000 annually with no strings attached starting as early as this summer.



Social justice reporter
Mon., April 24, 2017

Ontario’s long-awaited basic income pilot project will include 4,000 low-income people in the Hamilton-Brantford area, Thunder Bay and Lindsay, who will each receive up to $17,000 annually with no strings attached starting as early as this summer.

$17,000 annually with no strings attached

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the three-year experiment in Hamilton on Monday morning as a way for Ontario to better support vulnerable workers and improve health and education outcomes for people living on low incomes.

“It’s not an extravagant sum by any means. For a single person, we are talking about just under $17,000 a year, but even that amount may make a real difference to someone who is striving to reach for a better life,” she said.

full story here.

and in contrast to the balanced and reasonable reporting here is the Toronto Sun newspaper take on the issue.