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Glen Scarlett Rd tree cut down, & defunct meat plant.

and old defunct meat plant

High Park Church condo convention photo update

Interest in Toronto’s Civic Election Campaign Reaches All-Time Low

The Globe and mail (1936-2016); Dec 29, 1942 pg. 4 Note: 1942 is in World War Two.  Implications: manpower off at war so not voting locally; extended shifts…

Burying hydro lines first step in sprucing up Junction

file: 2020 09 10 Burying Hydro Lines The Globe and Mail (1936 – 2016); Apr 10, 1999 pg. A17 >>>> Summary: Law and by-laws are a reflection of…

Toronto Junction Elections Jan 7, 1902

Toronto Junction Elections Jan 7, 1902 showed a upset in the mayoral vote with a landslide for J.  The Globe (1844-1936); Jan 7, 1902; Ward 1 P. Laughnton Ward…

2903 Dundas St. W. History & Architecture

 Mavety/West End opened in November of 1919. It was constructed out of a transformer station on Mavety Street.  


DIRECTION TO BICYCLE RIDERS The rider of every tricycle shall at all times when riding the same keep both feet on the pedals and hold the handlebars and…

Parkdale lumber manufacturing and building company 1886

 1886 The Parkdale lumber manufacturing and building  company Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber, Lath and Shingles.—Among the recent large enterprises established in Parkdale, and which tend to increase its…

Junction people of note, W. H. Mallay

1886 W. H. Mallay it Oo., Accountants, Real Estate, ' Financial and Manufacturers' Agents, No. 4 King Street East,—The rapid increase in the popu- lation and growth of…

Toronto’s Momentous Election Dec 1920

Toronto’s Momentous Election Summary Sept 3rd 2020 B Laxson,  With each cycle of voting there is a need to become informed both of central issues and the relevant…

Gardiner Expressway deck drop in about an hour ago.

Active TO lane closure for bike rides this weekend.

Friday 6 pm to sun 11 pm Block off of east bound Lakeshore Bd W. each weekend.

TTC Distillery, nature reclaimed

Toronto’s most fun and some park and walk feature.

In the bottom of the Corktown Common Park abutting the railway and the Don Vallery Parkway, this placement of thick boards are a varying walkway is if not…

Active T.O. health & exercise, Lakeshore Bd, W.

1933 ad for Loblaws on Dundas St. W. At Medland. photo of ad.

DOLLARAMA looking from Maviety.

The DOLLARAMA STORE looking from Maviety, wide view, showing the magistic character of the building. Aug 15 2020 mid afternoon.

Gardiner Expressway Rehab. Photo post

Gardiner Expressway rehabilitation Lakeshore Blvd. E. AUG 19 2020. Photo post

Gardiner Expressway rehab, Lakeshore Blvd E. Aug 18 (daytime)

  Gardiner Expressway new section traveling under itself on Lakeshore Blvd E. Aug 18 2020 (daytime) 24 hours per day the contractor AECON work rehabilitating the Gardiner Expressway….

260 High Park church to Condo conversion.

Gardiner Expressway at Parliament st week 33 2020

Gardiner Expressway south most section removed at Parliament st week 33 2020

Fire department stands by as major natural gas line work ongos today.

Gas line work on Shuter near sherbourne.  Note fire department standing by. Even have hose rolled out. One ff at hose. One walking dirt (looking for signs of…

Pipe drivers Dupont St and Dundas St. WEST AND ANNETTE ST. Photo post

City of Toronto History of the Junction accessed Aug 16 2020

Authority type corporateBody Authorized heading West Toronto Junction (Ont.) Predecessor bodies Davenport (Toronto, Ont. : Village) Successor bodies Toronto Junction (Ont.) Alternate name(s) Village of West Toronto Junction…

Looking west from Medland St west on Dundas St. Photo post

August 15 2020 Dundas St looking active.